dmr brandmeisterIt has become apparent that the DMR IDs belonging to some LRS members have been used by people to abuse other DMR users, mainly on the 4400 UK Wide talkgroup. This was not the registered users of the IDs and should be considered identity theft!

The Brandmeister system that most of the Midlands repeaters are connected to has a security method available called AirSecurity/TOTP which can be used to stop this sort of abuse being transmitted across the network. It doesn't currently stop the local repeater transmitting but this is a feature that is being considered.

It is easy to setup, you simply need to register on the and enable the AirSecurity/TOTP setting within the SelfCare menu. You will need a smartphone with a TOTP app (we recommend Google Authenticator which is available for most major smartphone types). Once enabled, you will need to make a private call to 9 + the 6 digit TOTP password (you can also use the virtual PTT button on the dashboard) this will give you access to the system for between 15 and 60 minutes before you must re-authenticate. 

Full instructions are available at and we would recommend all LRS members enable this as although it is a slight inconvenience, it will ensure that your DMR ID is safe and not abused by jammers/pirates. 

650px Air sec ptt