Welcome to the website of the Leicester Radio Society

We are an amateur radio club based in Leicester with over 100 years of history, please take a look around. Current and previous members are encouraged to create an account by clicking on the "Sign up" link on the right hand side of the page. If you are considering joining us (or are just interested in amateur radio), you are welcome to sign up and use the shoutbox where many club members are active.

We are also trying to build a comprehensive gallery of LRS contests and special event stations over the years so if you have any pictures, please contact our webmaster who will be pleased to receive them.

Below you will find upcoming events and announcements from the committee.

The club has agreed to take part in the RSGB Region 13 Pilot which is now live.

We are looking for volunteers to have a go at the club based scheme,

if you would like to help please contact Mike G4SJX for a copy of the requirements.

Also looking for individuals member or non-members to take part in the Individual Scheme again contact Mike G4SJX

The scheme provides plenty interesting tasks aimed at increasing your knowledge and participation in the hobby.



Fridays 19.30 - 20.30  145.325 +- QRM

Come and join us on the air each Friday night

another oppurtunity to keep in touch with the latest club news.

The Midlands Inter-Club GMT Award

 Also known as the “GMT Contest”

Sunday 27th October 2019 until Saturday 29th February 2020.

(see Solihull ARS for details)

We have registered the club and now issuing ID numbers to members  

This is an all band (with a focus on the V/UHF bands) acivity to generate more on air activity.

Suggested activity times:   Sunday mornings  10am – 12noon on 2m FM, around 145,450Mhz

but not confined to the above.

All details including logging information on the Solihull ARS website.

Local information and ID numbers from Mike G4SJX

Monday 24 February 202019:0022:00Table Top Sale
Monday 02 March 202019:0022:00Construction Evening
Monday 09 March 202019:0022:00Free and Easy Night
Monday 16 March 202019:0022:00Open Meeting
Monday 23 March 202019:0022:00Film Night
Monday 30 March 202019:0022:00Quiz Night

Regulars (check main events page for any changes):

Morse classes with Sandra G0MCV most Mondays from 7-7.30 and 'drop-in' from 12-5 on the last Thursday of the month with Alex G8FCQ.

As part of the improvement works at LRS, we have nearly finished the kitchen and it is looking great!


There is still lots more work to in other parts of the building do but members should be proud of what we have achieved so far!

To view galleries of all recent working parties, please click here

If you haven't already renewed your Leicester Radio Society subscription for 2020, now is the time to do it.

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On 16th July 2018, Chris G0WUS gave members his second talk on DMR, a video of which is available to watch below

On 26th March, Chris G0WUS gave members an introduction to DMR, a video of which is available to watch below

Thanks Chris for a very informative talk and we look forward to the second installment where a more in-depth discussion of specific aspects of DMR will be covered.

TX Factor is a series of high definition TV shows covering all aspects of the hobby of amateur radio, the latest episode is below.

TX Factor episode 25 is now live.

A look at more new and innovative AR products from this year’s Hamfest, including a potted history of the ever-popular and much revered range of transceivers and kits from Electraft with co-founder Eric Swartz WA6HHQ.

n this modern era of connectivity, we take the ever-present Internet for granted; it’s always there and continues to deliver our data from A to B without issue. But what would happen if that vital link failed? We visit Southampton and Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast to see how two city councils, assisted by a group of dedicated amateurs, plan to maintain their communications infrastructure via radio links alone, should the Internet go down.


Previous episodes are available to view here