screwdriver clip artThere are many ways to experience Amateur Radio, most new amateurs tend to start by operating 2m/70cm repeaters with a handheld radio. As people progress through the hobby whether through HF operation, satellite, EME or the numerous digital modes available, there is often a need to build your own equipment. This may be because there isn't a commercially available unit that performs the particular function that you need or simply because you want to.

This doesn't have to be a fully blown transceiver (but can be!) it can be something as simple as a sound card interface to allow digital operation or an antenna switch. Many people also build their own antennas and the knowledge that can be gained through antenna modelling software and the trial-and-error process of antenna building can be incredibly rewarding.

Many people believe that experimentation is a fundamental to the spirit of amateur radio and this new section of the LRS website is dedicated to this spirit. 

We would welcome contributions from members describing projects that they have built or documenting their progress through an ongoing project. This can be something that you have designed yourself or a kit that you have built.

We hope that this section will become a great resource for LRS members to share ideas and inspire each other so watch this space....

Building the M0NKA mcHF SDR transceiver

Back in March 2015 I was looking for a new electronics building project. I wanted something that would be a challenge but also be useful so a transceiver project seemed like a good idea. After considerable research I thought that an SDR based transceiver would be useful as this was something I had little experience of. I discovered the mcHF transceiver created by Chris, M0NKA.

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