bonus points** Sense has prevailed at the RSGB CC and the B2 scoring system has been replaced with the B4 scoring system for the 2018 season. We believe that this is a fairer system, awarding 500 points for each large grid square. All instructions below should still be correct but the contest is now called VHF_B4RTTY. **

With the changes to the RSGB UKAC VHF Contests for 2017, the RSGB has introduced a new scoring system called B2. Whilst this has caused some contraversy owing to the apparent favouring of stations in the northern half of the UK, until the RSGB decide otherwise, this is the current scoring system.

B2 is based on a bonus-points system with red, green and blue zones for certain locator squares. All non-UK contacts, (including most of Ireland) the section of England north of Leeds and the furthest parts of Cornwall and Wales are "green" zones which are eligible for 1000 bonus points for every locator grid achieved. All of Scotland and the northern-most tip of Northern Ireland is in the "red" zone which gives 2000 points and the remainder (basically all but the most northern part of England) are in the blue zone for 500 bonus points.


Anyway, enough of the background, here is how to configure N1MM+ to score these contests correctly.


Firstly, you will need to download the latest VHFRSGB.ZIP file from the N1MM+ website. This contains various UDC (User Defined Contest) files for all of the scoring methods used by the RSGB. The latest file can be downloaded here.

Once you have downloaded the file, it must be extracted using your favourite .zip file extractor (most versions of Windows will do this for you) and the contents copied to the "My Documents\N1MM Logger+\UserDefinedContests" directory. on your PC.

There are two files within this .zip file that then need to be moved into "My Documents\N1MM Logger+\SupportFiles" these are called Rsgb.sec and Grids.txt.

Once the above is completed, you can run N1MM+ and setup a new contest from "File\New Log in Database xxxxx.s3db" you should then be presented with the following screen:

n1mm new log

In Log Type, select "VHF_B2RTTY" (VHF_B4RTTY for 2018 season). Don't worry about the name, it is called this because to enable support for RTTY within contests, N1MM requires that the file name contains the word RTTY. It basically supports any mode.

You can change any other option to match your operating conditions. Don't forget to change Sent Exchange to include YOUR locator as this is what is added to your log.

Once you have completed the contest, you will need to go to "Tools\Rescore Current Contest" to enable N1MM to generate the bonus points correctly.

Enjoy the contest.....